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It’s Friday night and the weekend seems to loom ahead after a taxing work week. A day at the spa feels the most inviting and necessary to calm those nerves. With this soothing thought in your mind, you reach your favorite spa early Saturday morning only to find the waiting room jam-packed with people from every age group patiently waiting for their turn. This takes up most of your Saturday and instead of feeling rejuvenated when you step out, you are drained.

A common scenario for most of us each weekend, we presume.

But we at Crivly are solvers at our heart, and we found a sophisticated solution that will put an end to these troubles once and for all. The CrivlyBeauty is a state-of-the-art digital feature that allows you to explore hundreds of beauty services and accredited professionals and book your reservations way ahead to skip the wait time. It only takes a few taps to sort out your spa appointment and have a most deserved break on the weekend. 

With Crivly, not only can you book your spa appointments right from the comfort of your home but also look through hundreds of verified testimonials from real-time users about salons, services, and beauty professionals. 

You might be in the dire need of a hair makeover or that long-delayed manicure. Fulfill your needs effortlessly in a few simple taps. Type in your requirements and preferences in the information section. Go through the recommendations sent in by the app based on your requirements, and find your best fit. Book your appointment at a preferred salon with your favorite professional in the next few taps. We are always on the lookout for the latest beauty products and services. CrivlyBeauty now allows users to get their daily dose of beauty. Exciting beauty content curated by top professionals in the industry can be accessed exclusively by Crivly users. In addition, it helps them enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

The best part is yet to come – CrivlyRewards.

Not only does Crivly ensure a relaxing and hassle-free experience but also rewards you for every reservation and every payment that is made through the app. The reward system is specially designed to get the best deals to our users and take away something every time they make a transaction. We strongly believe in creating unforgettable experiences and lasting relationships with our users. 

Download the App to get your beauty fix at all times along with other essential daily needs right at your fingertips.