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As a company, Crivly was born way before the app. There was always one singular vision – to create solutions that accelerated digital growth towards a smarter world. The end goal seemed clear and there were various problems and pursuits that followed before we found our true calling or the true solution that complemented our vision – A super app for the Indian customer. 

We can track the humble beginnings of the app to the advent of the global pandemic that stilled the world as we knew it. As a community, we grasped at everything we could to lead as normal a life as possible, especially all things digital. It is safe to say that the pandemic has given birth to digital convenience services like never before. As time passed people seemed to settle into this new adaptation with devices to rely on basic needs.

However, this led to restlessness and many concerns for us. We started toying with an idea that was the need of the hour though many didn’t realize it. An idea that would later go on to become India’s first-ever super application – a platform that delivered all the needs of a user without them having to hop on to multiple apps for multiple requirements. After two years of endless execution and sleepless nights, Crivly finally arrives in tangible form.

What exactly does this app do? How is it different from the rest? You may ask. Crivly is a delivery app, a shopping app, a payment app, a bookings app, a recreation app, and a connections app among so many others. You name it, we got it.

The Indian customer is varied and greatly nuanced in themselves. We have needs that go beyond the surface and a culture (multiple cultures, in fact) that is deeply rooted within everything that we do. In our very lifestyle. When we started work on Crivly, this was the notion that guided us at our very core. We knew that we had to dig deeper to understand our customer base and the smallest of their behavior patterns to satisfy their larger needs. 

Crivly is Indian at its heart. It was born out of extensive research and understanding of the Indian market and its daily needs. At Crivly, our long-term goal is to become the preferred one-stop digital lifestyle platform to explore, connect and buy from brands and businesses.

How Crivly is set to transform businesses

All businesses are our official partners and together we aspire to grow and improve customer relationships and loyalty by offering them the most exceptional user experience and a bevy of needful services. Businesses can now tap into Crivly’s well-designed services, efficient customer data analytics, and their very own communication channel with their customers to keep the conversation going at all times. This is proof enough for exponential sales and revenue growth.

Don’t take it from us, take it from hundreds of our esteemed partners that have put in their trust with Crivly and look ahead at a boom through technology.

With all that being said, we are quite sure that the app will do the rest of the talking and will soon become the talk of the town soon. Buckle up, Hyderabad, for a technology revolution.

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