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Are you a digitized beauty business yet?

In this rapidly digitizing world, it is important to keep up to date with the latest trends to thrive in a highly competitive market such as that of beauty. The growing need for grooming and upkeep has always been on the rise, now more than ever. 

A recent study said that 72% of customers would pay more for better beauty services. Gone were the days when customers waited patiently for their turn at the salons. Gone are the days when customers made multiple-step transactions after each appointment. The need of the day today is seamless experiences in every aspect of life, regardless of the activity. Crivly creates precisely that. 

Seamless digital experiences for an improved everyday life. 

CrivlyBeauty is an all-in-one platform that allows businesses across the city to digitalize their entire reservation process, stay connected with their customers by keeping them engaged and increase their revenue by decreasing no-shows. With Crivly, your customers can explore, reserve, pay, and leave feedback all in one effortless go. 

All this is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which processes data and analyses trends to help businesses make better decisions. With the advent of new technologies like IoT and Smart Devices, Crivly is here to help you digitalize your entire process of reservation management and customer engagement. Our customer-centric mobile app will help you do what you do and make you better at it. The app allows you to manage your day-to-day operations, manage your business and enhance your customer’s experience.

Why Crivly for your business?

  • Establish a direct line of communication with your customers

Crivly is specially designed to enhance customer relationships through extrinsic features such as the Crivly Content platform. Reach out and post exciting content, news, and special deals for your customers to be notified immediately. 

  • Ease of usage

App is designed keeping in mind the utmost efficacy and effortlessness, thus making it the most ideal to operate by businesses. With some simple steps, one can easily navigate through the app, access data, interact with users and manage transactions. 

  • Make the best of user data and analytics

Crivly enables businesses to access and track live data from customers that can be used for the enhancement of their own systems. Use this data to create personalized targets and marketing strategies without burning a hole in the vaults. 

  • Inbuilt reward systems

Crivly’s inbuilt reward system is one of the best of its kind. Businesses can gauge this to ensure extended customer engagement and keep their excitement intact. You can now leave it to Crivly to offer the best deals to both your customers and your business. 

Crivly is dedicated to providing a world-class experience to both users and businesses thus ensuring prolonged and fruitful relationships between both parties. At Crivly, we believe in growing parallelly and exponentially with our partners and stand for loyalty and determination. 

Join the Crivly family today to boost your beauty business!