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Owning a food business in a bustling city that is infested with hundreds of watering holes in every nook and corner is daunting indeed. The competition is exhaustive and it is only growing each day. Customers are inundated with hundreds of choices if not thousands each day when it comes to finding something to eat. There are hundreds of restaurants everywhere that serve dozens of different cuisines and fight constantly to offer the most economical prices to their customers in a desperate effort not to lose out on them. 

Are you one of those food businesses?

Are you at the mercy of other delivery platforms to eke out decent revenues each month?

No matter the size, scale, or success of your business, it is important to know your customers and keep them happy and engaged. It is essential to be at the top of your game at all times and go the extra mile to offer services that no others offer. CrivlyFood does precisely that for you. The super app can help you make sure your customers get the food they want when they want it.  

Crivly is a unique and revolutionary application, in fact, the country’s first super application, that has been designed to help make your life simpler and easier. Dedicated to providing a hassle-free and enhanced experience, we are the first of our kind digital platform that connects users to their favorite restaurants. With this in mind, we introduced some new features that no entity offers along with an enhanced yet traditional delivery feature. 

Self Pickup – This feature allows customers to order food at their choicest restaurants much ahead and track the order until completion. They can then pull up at the restaurant and pick up their order directly and drive away. Zero waiting time. Zero wastage. 

Scheduled Delivery – This is a unique feature that enables users to schedule their orders for a specific time. Two hours later or two days later and get their deliveries to their doorstep at the precise time. 

Avail these features with the new Crivly super app and offer your customers experiences like never before to keep coming back.

Crivly for efficient businesses

  • A connection network to engage with users

With Crivly, businesses can interact directly with their customers – speak to them of the latest deals, new recipes, launches, and any sort of exciting news about the restaurant. An extensive communication system enables organizations to have one-on-one interactions with their customers, publish content and analyze feedback to help in bettering their business. 

  • Reward system to reap benefits

Crivly’s inbuilt reward system analyses user data and behavior patterns to give them attractive rewards that can be redeemed in several ways. This is designed to ensure longer customer retention and maintain their interest in your business continuously.

By capturing a strong foothold in the restaurant market, we have established our first and firm step towards this vision. As of now, Crivly is partnered with hundreds of popular restaurants in Hyderabad that are successfully serving thousands of happy users. Become a part of this growing community and watch your business boom.